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Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week - Clifford


Age: 4 years

Color: Grey

Breed: Cane Corso Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $160

Gentle Giant. Mellow Fellow. Social Butterfly. Those are just a few of the things people here at the shelter are saying about me. Hi, I'm Clifford, the Big Grey Dog and I'm definitely a staff and volunteer favorite. I have all of them wrapped around my huge paw! I have had the opportunity to meet other dogs, lots of humans and kids too, and I have proven to be an excellent companion with all of them. Just be forewarned: when I toss my head, my massive jowls containing lots of drool WILL get cha, but that's all part of the fun! Tee hee hee ???? 


I'm Clifford and I approve this message!!


For more information, visit  

Pet of the Week - Simba

Dog of the Week  SIMBA

Age: 7 years

Color: Black & Brown

Breed: Rottweiler Mix

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $95

What would you do for a Klondike bar? If you're Simba you'll play fetch, run laps in the play yard, or give kisses for one of those yummy summer treats! Simba is just a goofy Rottie boy who loves to play and cuddle with his human friends. He can be a bit shy with strangers but when he warms up, he'll do the ole Rottie lean on you for scratches and affection. Do you have experience with Rottweilers? Come in and become Simba's new best friend!


For more information, visit  


***Our June adoption special is called All Paws On Deck! Adopters can choose one of our life saver rings for a % off their pet adoption!



Pet of the Week - Rocko

Dog of the Week  ROCKO

Age: 3 years

Color: Tan & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Hi, the name's Rocko. Why? Cause I rock! At least that's what the shelter staff says about me. I'm a big handsome pup with a big personality. Just look at my sweet brown eyes and happy smile! At times I'm a canine dynamo, others I'm more of a couch potato! I love sports (especially soccer), food (Pupperonis & Kongs) and nature. Have you ever tried laying on cool green grass? It's GLORIOUS! Picture it: You and me, sharing ice cream together after a long fetch session in our back yard-what is better than that! Ladies man? I might be, the shelter staff seem to think so! If you bring me home, I prefer to be your one and only dog, because I want all of your love and attention to myself! Think you're ready for me to rock your world? Come for a visit!

Pet of the Week - Bo

Dog of the Week  BO

Age: 5 years

Color: Black & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $160

They say the eyes are the windows to one's soul, and if that's true, my soul is really multi-faceted! You see, my left eye is a sparkling electric blue and my right eye is a comfortable and low-key brown...the best of both worlds in my opinion. Hi, I'm Bo, and after gazing into my eyes, I think you'll realize you've just found what you've been looking for your whole life! You won't be able to look at any other dog once you meet me and discover how much I love people. I know how to sit, lay down and give paw and I live for a good swim at the lake or in a stream. Oh, and the car ride to get to said lake or stream is awesome! Lean in close cuz I've got a secret. Apples give me gas, tee hee hee, so consider yourself warned!


For more information, visit 



Pet of the Week - Luna

A house isn’t a home without a dog! Our Sweet Luna is looking for her very own home????


Little Luna is a striking 12 month one old petite Terrier Mix. She is beautiful and has a doggie grin that will steal your heart!


Luna would do best in a home with no other animals as she is still learning to meet other dogs without feeling anxious. She would also do best with human siblings age 8 and due to her vivacious energy!


If you are interested in meeting Luna, please call the shelter at (410)441-2040 or message us on Facebook!


For more information, visit



Pet of the Week - Sherbert

Dog of the Week  SHERBERT

Age: 2 years

Color: Black & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $80 (regularly $160)

Be honest. Have you seen a cuter face than mine? Betcha a box of biscuits that you won't be able to resist my incredibly cute floppy ears and deep dark eyes. Hi, I'm Sherbert and I'm ready to make someone reeeaaallly happy! I haven't met a single person here at the shelter that I haven't instantly liked, and I seem to love other dogs. Of course, you'll want to bring your dog to the shelter for a meet and greet before you take me home. Speaking of home, where is this magical place and when can I see it?


For more information, visit 



PetS of the Week - Herbie & Charlie

Herbie & Charlie 

Ages: 9 years

Colors: Black & White

Breed: Labrador Retriever Mixes

Gender: Males

Adoption Fee: $95 for both (regularly $95 each)


Who's a good boy? Why it's Herbie and his brother Charlie! It isn't every day that such a charming, lovable duo ends up on our doorstep. We are in love with every gray hair on their sweet little heads. Herbie and Charlie enjoy sniffing around the play yard, going for leisurely strolls and of course, snuggles! These boys will make wonderful, low-maintenance companion dogs for someone special.





Pet of the Week - Ashland


Our April adoption special is called Grow Your Family! All dogs are 1/2 off this month and we're giving a free packet of flower seeds to all adopters!



Age: 5 1/2 years

Color: Brindle & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $80 (regularly $160)

Super-loving, single sweetheart in search of a roommate for long walks, cuddling, and treats. Lots of treats. Like all the treats (*wink). Hi, I'm Ashland a good girl with beauty and brains. I'm one smart cookie who knows all of her basic commands plus a few neat tricks thrown in for good measure! In terms of children, I give them a thumbs up. My previous family included a couple of little humans running around so living around them again would be fine. I also am house trained!  So come meet me cuz I'm sure we'll hit it off! Visiting hours are Monday-Friday from 2-6 and Saturdays from 12-5.


For more information, visit 



PetS of the Week - DOGS!!

Our friends over at the Cecil County Animal Services have MANY dogs that are looking for a forever home!


**ALL dogs right now are just $65! 


For more information call (410) 441-2040


Or visit them online at,






Pet of the Week - Bonnie

Dog of the Week  BONNIE

Age: 2 years

Color: Golden

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $16

Do you like to take pics and share them to social media? If so, I'd love to be your model and muse. I'm Bonnie and my 1,000-watt smile will get you all the likes and shares! I'm a 2-year-old firecracker with a big personality who just loves to play, wrestle and clown around. My personal idol is Erin Brockovich because she's has loads of gumption but is also genuine and caring. My perfect home would include another dog who is laid-back and submissive cuz I like to be the boss lady and call the shots. If you'd like to meet me and consider adding me to the family, come for a visit!

P.S. Please don't judge me from inside my kennel! Ask the staff to take me out and you'll meet a totally different dog.


For more information, visit




***Our March adoption special is called March Muttness! All dogs are just $16 this month for the NCAA Sweet Sixteen!


Some of the other dogs they have...


Rocko is a 3-year-old male:


Kau is a 2-year-old female:


Yoshii is a 4-year-old female:


Pet of the Week - Bones

????No bones about it, I am such a good boy ???? 


Bones is the name and finding my “fur-ever” home is the game! I am a witty 12 month old large Hound mixed puppy who wants a home of my very own!


My perfect home would be an active home or at least a big yard to run and chase my ball. I would do best with children 10 and over because I am full of energy and don’t always know my own size.. it’s “ruff” being me sometimes. I would also need a home with no other pets as I prefer all the attention.  I will definitely chase cats and other small animals so it’s best for me to be on my own:) 


If you are interested in meeting me, please call (410) 441-2040 or send us a message on Facebook!


For more information, visit





Pet of the Week - Smokey

Critters of the Week – SMOKEY

Age: 4 years

Color: Brindle

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $16

Hello there, Smokey is the name and boy am I a treat. I am ready to run and play and meet my new family. Could it be you? As long as you've got some squeaky toys that I can toss in the air, I think we'll get along just great. Oh, and treats...all of the treats. I'll sit, I'll lay down, I'll do just about anything for a yummy snack. And when I'm all tuckered out, I like to stretch out on the floor for some belly rubs. I like to think I'm a lap dog despite being over 60lbs. If I sound like the guy for you, please come down to the Humane Society to meet me. I'll be here waiting.


For more information, visit 




PetS of the Week - Bunnies

The Cecil County Animal Services have several bunnies that are needing a good forever home! 


***The fees have been WAIVED for these bunnies too!!


For more information call (410) 441-2040


Or visit,


Pet of the Week - Pluto

Dog of the Week  PLUTO

Age: 2.5 years

Color: White & Blue

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $84

Meet Pluto the pup, not the planet. Actually, Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, but Pluto the pup has been upgraded to a great dog! When you walk him, you are his whole world! He prances when he walks and gives the best doggie kisses!!???? Pluto also makes friends quickly with both humans and other dogs. In fact, we think Pluto would thrive if he lived with another dog pal. If you'd like to meet Pluto, bring the whole family for a meet and greet!


For more information, visit 






PetS of the Week - Cats

These cats are FIV positive, but are still healthy enough to be adopted...and the adoption fees have been WAIVED!! 


For more information, call 410-441-2040


Or visit






Pet of the Week - Summer

Cat of the Week – SUMMER

Age: 4.5 years

Color: Grey & White

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix

Gender: Female

Adoption Fee: $95

Hi! My name is Summer but no matter what season it is, you're bound to fall in love with my gentle face and laid-back personality. I love snoozing the day away in my cozy bed by the window. I'm an introvert, through and through, so I prefer staying in on a Friday night rather than going out to a loud bar. And I definitely like romcoms and the Lifetime channel over ESPN or MTV. I'm currently living in the shelter's free roam room and get along with the other cats here. Hey, I just got the best idea...why don't you adopt two of us because you can be sure we'd get along. If you think we could be a good match and you like my profile, let's meet!


For more information, visit 

Pet of the Week - Snacksize

Hello! My name is Snacksize and I am a pocket sized pup looking for love!


I am only a year old and have lots of energy. I would do best in a home with no other animals as I need to learn proper socialization with animal friends. While I have met children and done well, I would do best with children 10 and over due to my exuberant energy.


If you are interested in meeting this sweet puppy at CCAS, please give us a call at (410) 441-2040 or send us a message!


For more information, visit



Pet of the Week - Boss

Dog of the Week – BOSS

Age: 10 years

Color: Black & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $20.22

Robert Redford. Clint Eastwood. Kevin Costner. What do I have in common with these distinguished gentlemen? Well, like a fine wine, these hunky older guys are just better with me! Hi, I'm Boss and if you adopt me, you can have fun saying things like, "My rescue dog carries his toys around like a Boss!" or "He rocks his bandana like a Boss!". I'm a big softie who likes reading mystery novels, watching Yellowstone, playing poker, and hanging out with other dogs. I also like meeting new you!



Our January adoption special has gone to the dogs! To ring in the new year, all month the adoption fee on all dogs is just $20.22.

For more information, visit 






PetSSSSS of the Week



Ages: 8 months - 1 year

Breeds: Akita Mixes

Adoption Fee: $20.22 each

Now serving the Akita Family, Party of Five...your table is ready! On the menu today are year-and-a-half old parents Kobe and Sheba and their 8-month-old pups, Lucky, Lucy and Loki. Our special today and all month long is $20.22 adoption fees on all dogs. May we start you off with an appetizer? This sweet family is so charming and guaranteed to warm your heart on cold, winter days. They do NOT to be adopted together, but future play dates CAN be scheduled between adoptive families, if so desired! So here's your check and doggy bag and please come see us soon!


**Our January adoption special has gone to the dogs! To ring in the new year, all month the adoption fee on all dogs is just $20.22.


For more information, visit


This is Kobe...


This is Sheba...


This is Loki...


This is Lucy...


And this is Lucky...



Here's Lucky & Lucy...


And here is Lucy & Loki...

Pet of the Week - Teacup

This is Teacup! This big handsome fella is hoping he is your cup of tea! 


Teacup is an 8 year old Mastiff Mix. He came to our shelter in “ruff” shape. Thanks to love and strong antibiotics to treat his skin, Teacup is ready to find his forever home.


Teacup would do best in a home with children 10 and over due to his calm and gentle nature. He has done well meeting other dogs thus far and has been indifferent to cats.


Teacup is hoping you have room in your heart and home! And, you know what they say.. happiness begins with a warm cup of tea???? 


If you are interested in meeting Teacup, please send us a message or call us directly at (410) 441-2040.


For more information, visit




Pet of the Week - MacGuyver

Dog of the Week – MACGUYVER

Age: 9 years

Color: Brown & White

Breed: Mixed Breed

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $95

Can you help me solve a problem? I'm MacGuyver and I'm usually pretty good at using my skills to get out of sticky situations, but I've got a doozie here. You see I'm here at the shelter when I should be in a home. (1) I'm cute: just look at my soft brindle coat and my sweet eyes. (2) I'm likeable: all the staff and volunteers love me! (3) I'm smart: I know tricks like "paw", "sit", "down". Heck, I can even dance on my hind legs for treats! (4) I'm affectionate- I just melt into a puddle when you rub my belly or scratch my shoulders. (5) I have a strong nose: and I follow it wherever it goes! (6) I'm a secret agent, so I work alone: I'd prefer to be the only dog in your home. So, please tell me, how could it be that I am still at the shelter without a family? Wait, I have an idea-you could save the day! Ready to start your biggest life-saving adventure?


Call the shelter to meet me today! That's 410-836-1090 or


For more information, visit 



PetS of the Week - Bunnies!!

These are some of the bunnies we're trying to find a forever home for! 


For more information, visit



Pet of the Week - Harry Porker

Critter of the Week – HARRY PORKER

Age: unknown

Color: White

Breed: Guinea Pig

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: $12

Are you in need of a little friend? A friend who'll be there in good times and bad, always ready to cheer you on? I'm Harry Porker, and I've always wanted to have a friend just like you! I am a very outgoing boy, always eager for snack time. My faves are lettuce and Vitamin C treats! I am very mellow and fine with being pet and handled. I'll even tolerate being dressed in costumes. Check out my Superman cape! I would be a great companion for a first-time guinea pig owner or a family with children. Don't wait to meet me, my new friend!


For more information, visit 


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