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Listener Comments

Dave Anderson selected I like them all!

You guys are the best. Love this station

theresa freligh selected 60s

When Justin plays "The Pied Piper" he brightens my whole day. I live his facts, quizzes and just the way he introduces the songs.

Bonny Moore selected I like them all!

I enjoy listening to Mallow in the Morning and John Tesh has interesting facts. I was happy with winning tickets to shows and being able to share with friends.

Ronnie selected 70s

One of my favorite song of the 70s was Todd Rundgren with their smash I Saw The Lights and it's followed by Hello, It's Me.

Leslie McNally selected 70s

I love your programing, especially PJ Noce. I’ve been listening for five years at our Buttonwood Beach(Earlleville, MD) location. Keep the oldies spinning! Les McNally

GOKU selected 60s

I am 68 years old, and your channel has turned my life around. When you play songs from when I was growing up from the 1960s, it brings back happy memories when I loved how free all the new music and bands made you feel. Your channel has given me hope again. Your amazing music, especially when you play Mountain's Mississippi Queen, brings back all the excitement and of fun in the sun and laughing all the time:) Your channel has changed me, you're so inspirational and encouraging. I feel all the positive energy that your channel puts out. It repairs, heals and saves souls worldwide:) All your kind words and life giving music that allows you to feel all the power and energy of being a kid again. Powerful, healing Karma! Bless all your kind souls for doing this for us!

Bless you, GOKU

Jerry Surratt selected 60s

I am from NC. I found your station from a FB comment. I was interested in the Wolfman Jack shows on Saturday night. We couldn’t get The Wolfman in NC. I found out thru the movie American Graffiti. I had friends that lived in California back then and heard about him from talking about him. Love your station.!

Mike selected 70s

Great station

Randall Kobetich selected 70s

On The Fringe area of your reception in Chester Pennsylvania we love having an oldies station to listen to as Philadelphia does not have any on AM. Keep up the good work!

James Swan selected I like them all!

I hear many songs that I haven't heard in 40 or 50 years. Keep up the good work.

Bob selected 70s

You guys rock keep it going.

MW selected 60s

Please NEVER stop playing the 60s. This is the only radio station worth listening to.

Renee selected I like them all!

I really enjoy this station ????

Lynne Reed selected I like them all!

You guys are doing a great job, maybe, occasionally some songs from the 50’s could be thrown into the mix and then the station would be perfect.

Susan selected I like them all!

love this music...the only station I listen to now

Kalli Webb selected I like them all!

I adore this radio station and your terrific Disc Jockeys! Please don't change!

Lorenzo LoPiccolo selected I like them all!

I love this station. It plays alot of the songs that I grew up with. Keep this station up and alive!! Thanks!! Lorenzo LoPiccolo, Dale City, VA

Neil maiden selected I like them all!

Listening to you station from The Villages, Florida. We love you guys, best station in both Maryland and Florida.

Joe Ruppert selected 70s

Love this station.

Jean Koester selected I like them all!

Love Justin in the morning. He's funny and plays the best songs.

Chuck selected 60s

Your station is the best I’ve heard since my teenage years listening to WCAO in Baltimore. You guys are GREAT!

Karen selected I like them all!

All 3 decades put out great music. Although I prefer the 70s, it's always good to switch around here and there. I had a huge collection of record albums, but just like all 3 decades, they have to pass.

Kathy selected I like them all!

I love this station, especially the morning show... Justin goes above and beyond for his listeners... He makes mornings fun... He makes you smile no matter how bad your day is going... He even helps with birthday shout outs.. I always listen to this morning show...

Theresa C Freligh selected 60s

Love this radio station ALL DAY. It has great music, interesting conversation and things to laugh at, just a great way to spend your days.

Bobby selected I like them all!

Love the new Station, Keep It up its great.

Theresa C Freligh selected 60s

Just love Justin. He makes every day special!

Warren selected I like them all!

I especially like what I call the "Hippy" music, popular from about 1966 to 1974.
Three Dog Night, BadFinger, Doobies, Blood Sweat and Tears, that genre. This was before anyone called rock music "metal."

Chuck Heinze selected 60s

I love this station!

george lee selected 60s

love 50 60 70 music

Michael Fitzgerald selected I like them all!

Long live WHGM. I listen on 100.5 FM and haven't been disappointed by any of the music. Amazing variety and SUCH great music -- I'm so glad to start and end my days with this station. Please don't ever change -- you guys make my day!!!!

This station brightens my mood and gets me moving, smiling, singing and dancing! What a gift.

P.S. Love it all but I adore Yacht Rock!

Naomi Moore selected I like them all!

I enjoy listening to Mallow in the Morning and John Tesh in the afternoon.

Mc Kessler (aka Boss Blues) selected 80s

Just is clever, quick, thoughtful & often subtle with his programming. I sometimes wonder if he is fully appreciated by his audience. We are extremely fortunate to have him entertaining and serving our community.

Doug Thomas selected 60s

Love this station !!! Need to reach out more distance. Great Music !!!!

JComerf selected I like them all!

Mid 1960's to Early 1980's best music ever!

Anonymous selected 60s

Naomi Moore selected I like them all!

Good radio station. I listen to this station and Bright. I learn alot from John Tesh and enjoy listening to Mallow in the Morning.

Donna Johnson selected 80s

Your station plays in my doctor's office.

Ruth Tayson selected 60s

I love your station!

A.W. Farra selected 60s

I moved here a year ago and recently discovered this station. Thank you for the playlists, 60s at 6 is terrific. Could you please add more Beach Boys, Beatles, and especially tracks from Hot August Night/ N Diamond? Thanks.

Jean selected 60s

The music takes me back to my teenage years

Jean selected I like them all!

I love all of my radio personal. Justine is funny. John tesh is very intelligent and what he shares. The message or info that he gives has helped a lot

Steven selected 60s

I love the late 50s, 60s and 70s music. So happy to have found your station! Wish you guys would get a frequency for the Baltimore metro area as we have no station like you over the air.

John L Flagg selected 70s

Keep up the good work. John Tesh stuff is great. Glad to see a local station doing well.

Julie Borlini selected 60s

Hi This is my favourite radio station . I listen on the internet from a small town called South Yunderup which is about an hour south of Perth Western Australia . I love Motown tracks and the Grass Roots . Would love to hear more of Dave Dee, ...

Bob Bender selected 60s

Love the 50`s

SCOTT PLACZEK selected I like them all!

I'm 56 years old. I've been listening to the oldies for 40 years. Been going to car shows for the same amount of time, they always play this kind of music. It always puts everybody in a good mood. I moved to Maryland in 1989. Always listened to 105.7-Oldies with Steve Rouse, while I was driving a truck. The BEST radio station going! In the early 90's they took it off the air! (Man I was upset, so was a lot of other people!) Then they brought back the oldies here in Havre De Grace! That's the greatest thing they! that is the BEST music to listen to, everybody agrees with me. At all ages they sing along and dance to the GREAT oldies. The BEST thing is they have Wolfman Jack show on Saturday night, another awesome thing the radio station did! So PLEASE keep this GREAT radio station on the air, It's the BEST and I tell everyone!! THANK YOU!!!

Brian P King selected I like them all!

The singer songwriters of the 70's will always hold the #1 spot for me. Love the 60s, and I grew up in the 80's so you know that is filling my heart. But at the end of the day its the story tellers of the 70's!

Paul Horton selected 60s

I listen at work in Fort Worth Texas. Sixties radio use to be in Dallas Fort Worth Texas now its 80's. Keep up the good work.

Steve Oates selected 70s

70's are the best! The John Tesh "ism's" are great!!

Brandon Cywinski selected I like them all!

My favorite station to listen to in the car!!

Christine Dolinger selected I like them all!

WHGM is the best radio station. You play the best music everyday! Thank you!

Lorenzo LoPiccolo selected I like them all!

Love your station and format!! I wish I had a station like yours here in the Washington DC area. Thanks for the great music and memories!!

Jean selected 60s

You guys rock it. I love the songs that you play.

thomas M mayberry selected 60s

great station , love it

judy billings selected I like them all!

long time listener, went to yur site to enter a contest, had NO IDEA all the local info provided, well done!

Terry selected I like them all!

Just found you and can’t believe it took me so long! I absolutely love your music and I thank you for keeping me company all day long!

Donna Bond-Astore selected I like them all!

What an AMAZING DJ Kenny Boulden is!!! ????

His music choices are delightful!
His quick-wit makes us laugh each week.
His knowledge is outstanding - and we are learning so much about the artists and lyrics that we never knew!
His overall attitude is fun, lively, encouraging, and always positive and uplifting!
We look forward to listening to his shows every weekend!

Kenny has single-handedly drawn us to WHGM Gold and made listening to this station a pleasure!

Way too go Kenny! We love you! ????
We’ve frequently heard you say “Be the reason someone smiles” and you are an outstanding role-model. Thank YOU for all the smiles you give us!

Congratulations WHGM Gold for a great station!

Kenn selected I like them all!

Often, I identify a time or event in my life by the song I hear on GOLD radio. It's a reminder of my life events, songs like Dock of the Bay that my late wife liked so much. Or the Rolling Stones and Mammas and Poppas popular during Viet Nam. Gold wakes me up in the morning, and I lie there daydreaming of the past, until I have to rise to reality.

Sabrina selected 60s

Grateful to have been raised by parents with good music taste and grateful 104.7 still plays it!

Kathy Myers selected I like them all!

I love this station. I drive a taxi and my customers love it, never a complaint and some have even started listening. Keep up the good work..

David L Garfinkel selected 60s

Motown toons that remind me of going Christmas shopping in Downtown Pittsburgh in the 1980s. Lincoln Towncar days.

Daniel Shelton selected 80s

Great radio with and for great people

Tony selected I like them all!

I think one of the best oldies stations..I stumbled on . I was looking for my WCBM...but because yours was all I could get! I'm pleasantly pleased...great variety....I have not heard 1 song I don't like! And finding stuff I never heard's awesome! And gotta love MOTOWN!

Patricia Wright selected I like them all!

Franny Kulas is your best DJ. Love listening to his shows. He has a very calming voice.

Bill Zappa selected 60s

What a terrific find this station is! I've heard songs I haven't heard in DECADES. Keep up the great work.

sheila e townsend selected 60s

WHGM GOLD the place to be for classic rock & roll ! thanks for playing the truly gold music !

sheila e townsend selected 60s

enjoy all music ~ but being a baby boomer am partial to the 50's & 60's rock & roll ~~ so happy WHGM is playing that great music again !

Barbara Wheeler selected 60s

I love this radio station and listen every day !!

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