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Rolling Stones Have Released Their First New Song in 8 Years

The Rolling Stones have released their first original song in eight years with the sudden, out-of-nowhere release of the new track, "Living In A Ghost Town." Mick Jagger spoke about the song to Apple Music, and revealed he and Keith Richards wrote the tune over a year ago, explaining, "It wasn’t written for now, but it was just one of those odd things. It was written about being in a place, which was full of life but is now bereft of life so to speak. I was just jamming on the guitar and wrote it really quickly in like 10 minutes.”


Keith Richards revealed the band had recorded the new track in L.A. back in early-2019: "It’s sort of eerie when suddenly it’s coming to life. I mean the ghost comes to life. I had said to Don (Was) about a month or so ago, ‘Hey, this is a time for the ghost town track.’ And then Mick called me and said the same thing and that great minds think alike. . . Obviously right now we’ve got nothing else to do but write some more songs, right?"


Listen to the song here:

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